Follow the horizontal blocks at the top to determine which is the particular transfer that you are interested in and you will find in the vertical column below the products that can be used for this particular application.

PRODUCT ASSIST LEVEL 1=individual or assisted 2=total assist Assist with standing or sitting Provide stability when walking or standing Assist with transfer from bed to wheelchair and back Assist with transfer to and from commode/ toilet Assist with moving and repositioning in bed Assist with turning in bed Assist with transfer from bed to rolling shower chair, gurney or other bed Assist with lifting or lowering of limb/s Assist with repositioning in wheelchair Assist in lifting from floor to bed Assist with transfers in and out of car Various EMS evacuations, transfers and similar
SST BELT ITEM 6033-6035 2            
SST BOARD ITEM 5021&5051 1                
SSButterfly TBOARD ITEM 5031&5061 1                
SST PIVOT DISC ITEM 5081 1                  
SST SLING ITEM 3011 1      
SST SLIDE small ITEM 2031/32 1              
SST SLIDE medium ITEM 1231/32 1                  
SST SLIDE large ITEM 1031/32 1                  
SST GURNEY small ITEM 4012 2              
SST GURNEY large ITEM 4020 2                    

In case of transfer of very heavy subjects a combination of devices 
can be used i.e. transfer board, belt and sling or board, belt and slide.