TM Super Slide
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SafetySure Super Slide

The SafetySure Super Slide combines the best features of a transfer gurney and a transfer slide in one convenient product.  The gurney measures 20"W by 48"L and has a plastic insert for added protection when transferring a patient from one surface to another.  Two wide Velco® strips, securely attach the gurney to a 40"W by 60"L transfer slide.  The frictionless inner surface of the slide allows the caregiver to easily transfer the patient.  As an added benefit,  both the gurney and the slide can be used separately if desired.  Machine washable.  Weight capacity, 400 lbs.

How to Use the Super Slide

   Step 1 - Place Super Slide



                       (A)                                        (B)                                        (C)

Step 2
- The Transfer

(A) Position patient on gurney and place slide in the direction of the transfer.

(B) Start transfer by grabbing handles on gurney and pull patient towards the caregiver.

(C) After the transfer is completed, remove the Super Slide.

  Product Specifications:

Specification Dimension
 Gurney Width
Gurney Length
Slide Width 60"
Slide Length 40"
Product Weight 2 lbs
Weigh Capacity 400 lbs

Directions for use

Consult the manual before you use the SST Slide Small. If in doubt about the proper use of the SST Slide call

Scan Medical at our toll free number 888-593-0377 for free consultation.

SafetySureTM Super Slide
SafetySure Super Slide    
Item Specification Price



Dimensions: Length 40" x Width 60"
2 lbs