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ITEM 2031 - SMALL with Padding
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SafetySure Transfer Slide - small


SafetySure Transfer Slide (SST Slide) 2031 is used primarily to:

  • Move a patient up in bed

  • Turn in bed

  • Transfer between bed and wheelchair


The SST Slide is very useful for small transfers, repositionings and moving from bed to wheelchair.  It is easy to put in place, remove and carry along.


The SST Slide is placed under the part of the patient's body to be moved (fig. 1).  The center of the SST Slide should cover the heaviest or lowest lying part and lie so that it will slide against itself in the direction of the intended movement.  It is best to place the SST Slide underneath a draw-sheet, which is then pulled to move the patient.  The easiest way to remove the SST Slide is to pull on the lower part of it and allow it to slide out, taking advantage of the slick inner coating.  When doing this, you should hold one hand against the patient's body so that the patient remains stationary (fig. 2).

Moving a patient up in bed

The SST Slide Small is best suited for the patient who needs help under a hip or a shoulder. To achieve maximum benefit, it is important to position the sliding mat under the heaviest part of the patient's body at the hip/shoulder (fig. 3), so that the direction of the transfer is aimed up toward the head of the bed.

Turning in bed

During turning, the SST Slide is of considerable assistance when moving the patient sideways (fig. 4) and when helping the patient find a comfortable position after turning (fig. 6).  It can be placed under either the hip or the shoulder.  Some patients are able to turn by them-selves with the help of the SST Slide Small (fig. 5).

Transfer from bed to wheelchair

In this procedure, it is important to have an even and stable surface.  It will help to place a small cushion or a SST Board between the bed and the wheelchair to provide a smooth and easy transfer.  Place the SST Slide under one hip and then tilt the patient over, so that his/her entire body weight (fig. 7) ends up on the SST Slide.

Transfer from wheelchair to bed

Transfers from a wheelchair to a bed usually involve an upward movement, since most beds cannot be lowered enough to provide an even horizontal transition.  A "comfort bed," on the other hand, can be lowered sufficiently to provide for a downward transfer.  If an upward transfer is necessary, stand in such a way that you pull the patient inward toward your hips.  This may be done with one knee on the bed or with the help of a draw-sheet, a SST Belt, or a SST Board (fig. 9).

Directions for use

Consult the manual before you use the SST Slide Small. If in doubt about the proper use of the SST Slide call

Scan Medical at our toll free number 888-593-0377 for free consultation.

SafetySureTM Transfer Slide
SafetySure Transfer Slide - small    
Item Specification Price



Dimensions: Length 18" x Width 22"
Thickness: 1" with padding
8 oz.



Dimensions: Length 18" x Width 22"
Thickness: 0.1" without padding
1 oz.