Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Could you summarize in a few words what Scan Medical's products are all about?
A. Manual Transfer Devices are for people with impaired mobility who need assistive devices short of big, cumbersome, expensive mechanical products.

Q. How many products are there in the line?
A. 6 products.

Q. What are some of the benefits to me (I am mobility impaired)?
A. You will be more independent if you use Scan Medical products.

Q. Who is the typical buyer?
A. Individuals with impaired mobility or their care givers.

Q. I am sensitive to Latex. Is there any in Scan Medical's products?
A. No.

Q. Do you have any testimonials and evaluations?
A. Yes. Some of them can be read on this web site others are available upon request.

Q. I have used transfer boards in the past but I had problems without a helper, is Scan Medical's board different?
A. Yes. Because Scan Medical's board is light weight and bendable which makes it very easy to put in place and remove. Therefore our board is very popular.

Q. How long time will your products last?
A. We offer a 2 year warranty and with proper care and maintenance they will last for many years.

Q. Are Scan Medical's products Medic-Aid and Medi-Cal approved?
A. Yes. We are Medi-Cal approved.

Q. If I buy a product and it does not work for me can I return it?
A. Yes. For a full refund / shipping No Questions Asked during the first 30 days.

Q. Are there similar products on the market?
A. Yes.

Q. How does Scan Medical's prices compare to the competition?
A. Some products are cheaper others in line with our competition.
  However our quality is very high.

Q. Which of Scan Medical's products is the most popular?
A. Our SafetySure Transfer Belts are the most popular.

Q. Why is that?
A. High quality, both horizontal and vertical handles and a non skid coating on the inside of the belt (users side).

Q. Which is the next best seller?
A. SafetySure Pivot Disc.

Q. And why is that?
A. High load tolerance and a competitive price.

Q. What is the weight limit on the SafetySure Gurneys?
A. The small 400 lbs and the big 650 lbs.

Q. What is so special with the Gurneys?
A. In spite of their low weight and the little room it takes to store them they have a heavy duty product capacity.

Q. What is the weight limit of Scan Medical's other products?
A. The SafetySure Transfer Belts are not rated for lifting - they are holding / guiding devices only. The SafetySure Slides do not have any weight limit since they would never be used for lifting. The only limit we can think of in reference to these products is the volume of the person using them. SafetySure Transfer Sling is to be considered like a SafetySure Belt w.o.w. No Lifting. SafetySure Transfer Board small and large are rated for 400 lbs. But it is really the width of the users buttocks that will decide who can use the product. Pivot Disc has been tested with a load of 800 lbs (concrete bags) during 20 minutes. No change in resistance was observed.

Q. So what is the difference between SafetySure Belts and SafetySure Sling?
A. The Belt can stay on the user or the care giver while the Sling will only serve for a transfer. In case the user has abdominal sensitivity the Sling is better than the Belt. The care giver can achieve pretty much the same control and guidance of the user with the Sling without having to touch the abdominal area of the user.

Q. How long time has Scan Medical been in business?
A. Since 1988.  Our newest line, as of 1999, of totally US made devices came about as a result of cooperation with professional caregivers and individual mobility impaired users.