Please read some of our testimonials 
from past and present clients/customers.

Dennis M Gallagher
Mill Valley, CA

SafetySure Transfer Gurney is a superior product.  I feel this device will decrease the incidence of back injuries among our EMT personnel making that difficult move between the gurney and the bed.

Tom Mets, 
PT/Clinical Service Manager
Fresno, CA

SafetySure Transfer Board has beneficial characteristics not seen in other sliding boards on the market.

Larry Kamarack
Englewood, FL

SafetySure Transfer Slide (small) is truly a wonderful help. My wife no longer has to get up in the night to turn me. So thanks again.

Kevin Moran, Triplegic
San Bruno, CA

SafetySure Transfer Board: I am able to transfer from my bed to my wheelchair and back without help of another person. Prior to using the SafetySure Transfer Slide (small) I used a pillowcase on top of my sliding board. It often slipped out of place and was very unpredictable. The SafetySure Transfer Slide (small) is much easier to use, much more comfortable and more reliable.

Liz Zemke
RN, MS, Nursing Case Manager
Fresno, CA

ALL OF THE PRODUCTS can be used for multiple tasks. They are durable, convenient, easy to clean and disinfect. They are revolutionizing transfer products. Best of all they are user friendly.

Glenn G. Reynolds
M.D., F.A.A.P.M.&R.
Battle Ground, WA

ALL PRODUCTS GENERAL COMMENT: The materials chosen for your products both fabric and firm surface, have the lowest coefficient of friction on any transfer materials for patients I have observed in my 42 years of practice in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and my own paraplegic disability experience throughout that time.  This has permitted minimal energy expenditure, and a high degree of mechanical advantage by the patient in the transfer and movement process. In addition where staff assistance has been required or desired, it has diminished the effort of these personnel, and reduced the hazard of back and other musculo-ligamentous strains.   The products are ultra efficient, simple and effective.

Doug Fernandez
Firefighter/Paramedic EMS R&D Committee
Novato, CA

SafetySure Transfer Gurney is extremely easy to use, while providing both safety and comfort for the rescuer and the patient.

Elizabeth Pretorius, RN 
Oxnard, CA

One facility, St John’s Regional Medical Center, Oxnard CA tested 8 products. On a scale of 1 (Not as good) to 5 (Best) they gave 5+ to two devices, 5 to two devices and 4 to the remaining four products.

Richard Bohannon, PT
West Hartford, MA

SafetySure Transfer Slide (large) was compared to another popular sliding device.  According the PT who conducted the test, "the friction reducing qualities of the SafetySure Transfer Slide (large) was highly advantageous." 

As part of a larger study of transfer with SafetySure Transfer Slide (large), as opposed to another popular transfer device, fourteen subjects were asked which alternative they preferred when being moved.  Eleven preferred the SafetySure Transfer Slide (large) and one did not have any opinion.  The two individuals who were pulling the passive subjects both preferred the SafetySure Transfer Slide (large).