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ITEM 1031 - LARGE with Padding
ITEM 1032 - LARGE without Padding

SafetySure Transfer Slide - large


SafetySure Transfer Slide 1031 (SST Slide 1031) is used primarily to:

  • Transfer between a bed and X-ray/operating table, shower trolley, etc.

  • Turn in bed


SST Slide Large is big enough to provide an undersurface from head to toe.  The new and unique ULF (ultra low friction) material on the inside of the sliding mat makes it easy to move even a heavy patient.


The techniques shown below are only examples of the many applications for which the SST Slide Large may be used.  To select the technique most suited to your situation and patient, it is strongly advised that you consult with a physiotherapist or mobility skills instructor.

Safety tip

Wheels on all transfer equipment (bed/chair, etc.) must be locked to prevent the two parallel surfaces from sliding apart while using the SST Slide Large.


Turn the patient onto one side and insert the sliding mat underneath him/her (fig. 1) so that he/she is lying half upon the SST Slide Large.  Before starting the transfer, tilt the patient's body slightly so that his/her full weight is on the mat.  It is helpful if you can place the SST Slide Large under a sheet or a draw-sheet, enabling a firmer grip and gentler handling (fig. 2).


It is best to divide the transfer into several steps.

  • Place SST Slide Large under the patient (fig. 3).

  • Move the patient to the edge of the bed, making sure that he or she cannot fall off (fig. 3).

  • Place the second bed/operating table/trolley, etc., alongside the bed (fig. 3).

  • Perform the transfer (fig. 3 and 4).

If there is a difference in levels (fig. 4), pillows or blankets may be placed under the mattress at the edge of the lower surface to create an inclined plane and allow a gentle transition.

Turning in bed

SST Slide Large is convenient for turning a patient in bed.  It reduces the friction, even under the legs (fig. 5).  SST Slide is at its best when the patient is positioned sideways prior to turning, and when correcting his/her posture after the transfer (fig. 6).

Directions for use

Consult the manual before you use the SST Slide Large.  If in doubt about the proper use of the SST Slide call Scan Medical at our toll free number 888-593-0377 for free consultation.

SafetySureTM Transfer Slide
SafetySure Transfer Slide - large    


Dimensions: Length 78" x Width 24"
Thickness: 1" with padding
30 oz.



Dimensions: Length 78" x Width 24"
Thickness: 0.1" without padding
8 oz.